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Delhi Chandigarh Taxi

Delhi Chandigarh Taxi

While travelling to a completely new city for job purpose, one has to be smart enough to choose a taxi, instead of asking someone for help. As a matter of fact, taxies can be one of the most convenient options to travel around the city, and considering the availability of top Taxi Services Delhi to Chandigarh etc. However, you have to be pretty sure about your safety, especially in an unknown city.

As per the expert’s suggestion hopping inside the taxi should always be preferred over worried about parking your car or getting stuck up in a bad traffic jam; it is important to consider some of the important safety tips to prove it completely risk free.

Make sure that the taxi chosen by you is legitimate

It is always possible that in many unknown cities, you may end up hiring a taxi that is being driven by a tout. As a matter of fact, you should never ever enter into the cab if at all it is not registered. Many times, a tout may try to gain some extra income out of it, or he may have some plans to rob you or to rip you off for some huge taxi fares.

According, the government norms that have been listed herewith, an official taxi should display following mandatory items, such as:

• A meter showing proper distance that is being covered.
• A taxi license that should be displayed properly on a taxi.
• A company that is maintaining the said taxi should be mentioned on the vehicle.
• A lighted taxi roof sign

A reputed taxi service provider will always hire drivers after thorough checking of their experiences and previous history; and hence, should always be opted.

Always sit in the back side of the vehicle

It has now days become common misconception that some people may find it rude, if they have to sit in the back side of the car. Some drivers may also feel it offensive if at all you prefer to sit at the back of the car, as they may decode the act as you are treating drivers as your servant! Whatever may be the reason or incidences; if your driver is not allowing you to sit in the back side of the car then you would be better to leave the taxi immediately.

As a matter of fact, sitting at the back side should always be preferred as the most safe and comfortable option.

Take into notice

While getting into the taxi the first ever thing that should be noticed by the passengers are drivers name, his identification number, license number. Some of the professional cab service provider would definitely choose to put all the information on their display, and in that case, you can just snap the picture of the information that is being displayed and send it to someone close to you for your safety and accessibility.

Plan your exit quickly

You should plan your exit in advance, so that you would be able to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible with complete safety.