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Chandigarh Travels

If you are a frequent traveller, may be at some point of time; you may have to hire a taxi for all your travelling needs. It can sometimes be the cheapest option, especially if you with to go from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh. There are many Chandigarh travellers options that are convenient and are the best suited as per your plan of travelling. However, you should always know for some of the safety tips and money saving ideas to travel comfortably.

Some of the taxi drivers tend to always take advantages of tourists, especially those who don’t know the exact route. On the contrary, these taxi drivers always are fully loaded with the information related to terrify plan, local restaurants, other important information and destinations nearby, etc. Thus, your travelling partner is always knowledgeable about safe and unsafe destinations nearby, and hence you should never rely on them completely.

Below mentioned tips associated with traveller safety can be helpful for getting into right service provider.

Always look for the official, licensed taxi service provider

Various taxi service providers are unregistered and can attract customers by offering them cheap fair, however, it should always be noted that they are not responsible for any mis happening that may take place during the ride.

If you are not sure about the reliability of the taxi service provider, always ask for their past experiences and online reviews.

Double check for the taxi you called

It is always possible that you may get into wrong taxi and land up in a big havoc. Especially, if you are riding solo, you should never risk getting into the taxi without double checking it. Before booking a taxi, it is a good practice to know about the taxi number that is being booked; this will further be helpful to get into the right taxi.

Ensure the authenticity of the taxi

You can always check whether the taxi you have chosen is legitimate or not by looking for a radio, license number, cab driver ID card and a door lock handle. You should never get into the car if these things are not present in the cab. A real taxi will always list the license number and drivers phone number or the number of the service provider on the door. Don’t get inside the cab, without knowing company phone number.

No flat rates

A taxi driver will always try to negotiate with you for flat fare, and the chances of this are higher, when you reach your destination. This is one of the commonly known tactics to rip of money from you. You should always finalize the fare, before getting inside. If he says the meter is not working, please chose not to travel with the car.